Wednesday, February 23, 2011

party with the Little People

We partied in the front yard with what seemed like a 100 little people and their animals.
We had so much fun and Madelyn loved it.

She arranged all the animals together at first which made the elementary school teacher in me want to jump up and down and clap. This girl loves to sort. The good thing about it, she is actually really good at it!

Madelyn kept calling this one "mommy". I'm thinking it wasn't the blond hair, blue eyes, jumbo flower necklace or sunglasses that drew her to that conclusion (for obvious reasons), but that camera around her neck instead. I must admit, it made me a little proud.
She lined them all up on the step stool and then read them a book.

Have I ever mentioned that I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to share moments like this with Madelyn each day? The beginnings of toddlerhood have definitely kept me on my toes and I have found us doing something new and out of the ordinary just about every day. It makes things more fun and our days more enjoyable!

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