Monday, February 7, 2011


This morning we went to Chuck-E-Cheese with a friend and her little one. At first I thought we might be crazy as I envisioned 100 screaming preschoolers running around. I could not have been more wrong. We were the ONLY people there for at least an hour. Not only was it empty, there were tickets hanging out of EVERY game. Some only had two or three while others had 50 or more! We asked the manager what the deal was and he said, "We check the games every morning and they spit tickets out...they are all yours". I instantly felt like a five year old! I'm pretty sure I had a giddy little grin and I immediately taught Madelyn how to collect the tickets!
Madelyn and Logan had so much fun!
They even rode the rides and played the games for free! There were tokens all over the floor. Free fun jackpot? I'd say so!

I'm pretty sure that you can find us there every Monday morning until they catch on to the fact that we don't spend any money and quit letting us come! We did buy a fountain drink because we felt guilty.

I think their favorite part was letting the ticket counter "eat" the tickets. There were about 1,000 tickets total (all but maybe 10 or less that came from the games they played) that we all picked up! Both the kiddos got balls and we gave over 500 tickets to a little girl when we were leaving. I big puffy heart Chuck-e-Cheese (on weekdays)!

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