Saturday, February 26, 2011

Go number 5

We spent Friday and Saturday morning at a local college gym cheering on the Martin's Mill girl's basketball team in the regional tournament. I made MK a onesie to wear to cheer on her favorite player, Emily. Madelyn had so much fun running around and climbing all over the bleachers. She got so excited when everyone would start cheering that her reactions were a little delayed. Of course I thought it was so cute!

This basketball team has quite the winning streak. We watched them clinch their 6th straight trip to the state tournament in Austin. Talk about something to get excited about.

It was so fun to watch Emily cut the net as a senior. It's hard to believe that she was in junior high when we met her. We'll be cheering them on from home next Thursday but we know they will do great! Go # 5!!!

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