Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentines

Dear Madelyn,
I loved spending Valentine's day with you. Daddy is mommy's sweetheart but you are mommy's littlest valentine. You are sugary and sweet. Your kisses and endless smiles melt my heart.

You and I picked up Emmy from school. She was excited to see you and eager to share her candy with you. The three of us went to the hospital to make a special delivery to the NICU. We dropped off more flower clips for the baby girls, saw one of our favorite nurses and dropped off 30 cupcakes!
When we made it home, Daddy and I watched as you ran wild with the balloons we got you. I knew that you would love them!

Your laugh is the sweetest sound I have ever heard.

We love you, precious girl. Deeply. Dearly. Forever.
We kept things low key (as we usually do on Vday). You and Daddy rode together to pick up dinner from our favorite local Asian diner, Julians. I stayed behind at the house and enjoyed a little quite and set up a special "coffee table" diner.

Daddy had a little present.
 You had a little present too! I made you a little stuffed owl with a felt heart inside that says, "I love you".
You ate up just about every single bite of your chicken and green beans!
Good thing, because you had your eyes on the cupcakes the whole time you ate.

This was one of my favorite Valentine's Days so far!

I love you sweet pea,

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