Sunday, February 6, 2011

sleepover central

Emily spent the night Friday night (which is on our list of "11 in 2011"- more time with the nieces) and Madelyn ate up every minute with her. She follows Emily around like she is her shadow (which is nice because she is normally my shadow!).
One of my favorite things to do with the E girl is cook and bake. We made some yummy cinnamon rolls using part of Pioneer Woman's recipe. They were awesome. Sam's sells the dough that they use to make their pizzas (which are delicious) in the deli. 20 frozen dough balls for $16. We split them with my sister-in-law and have had fun making all sorts of things with them. The husband's favorite so far, breakfast pizza. My favorite: those ooey gooey cinnamon rolls! LOVE them! So did Emily. She ate a total of four. Two when we had then for brinner and two for breakfast!

This past week has been unbelievably cold for our neck of the woods. Wind chills in the single digits, temperatures well below freezing for days on end and lots of winter precipitation! I know it's much colder in just about every other part of the country,  but we aren't exactly used to all this here in East Texas. Schools shut down rather quickly and the bread aisle at the grocery stores gets wiped out at the first mention of snow or sleet.

Due to all the sub freezing temps, we have spent a.lot.of.time indoors. OH MY! And my living room (and just about every other room in my house) has looked like this:
When Madelyn had a little help dragging things out, it was only worse. Poor girl is so sick of being inside and playing with the same old toys that she has just resorted to dumping them everywhere!
I had rented Ramona and Beezus on Netflix (I loooved all things Beverly Cleary as a little girl) so we had family movie night.
Emily was excited!
Madelyn could not have cared less about the movie but she sure did enjoy the popcorn!!
Luke is such a fun uncle! He always has been. Since the time Emily was Madelyn's age, she has always preferred him over me. Why wouldn't she? They played farkle, built a snowman, danced around like crazy and had lots of fun!

I love when our house turns in to sleepover central and I can't wait until she spends the night again! Maybe next time she won't wake me up at 5am and tell me that she's bored. Really? Is being bored at 5am possible??

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