Monday, February 21, 2011

bright sunshine, bubbles, a breeze and my beauty

 Dear Maddie Kate,
The weather was absolutely gorgeous today. The minute I asked you if you wanted to go outside, you ran straight to your room to get some shoes.
You were excited! You LOVE to go outside. I would say that it is pretty high up there on your list of favorite things to do. You run wild, sing, dance and explore! I enjoy watching you. I try to sit back and just let you do your thing, but you usually want me to join you. I don't mind at all. Playing with you is definitely high up there on my list of favorite things to do. Today we danced as the wind blew the bubbles around us. I am sorry if you have no rhythm when you are older. I am not doing the best job of modeling good rhythm for you!
I loved the expressions you made when a big gust of wind would shake the limbs on the trees. At first you seemed startled. Before long, you were clapping for them!
Your hair was blowing in every direction from the time we walked out the door.
When a car would drive by, you would wave with excitement and scream! You are so precious.

We spent two straight hours outside running around the house. I couldn't believe it when I looked at the time and it was past your lunch time. You did not want to go inside. Not even for food. I didn't either, so we just took our lunch outside.

Although I am not looking forward to 100 degree summer days, I am loving this spring weather. Thanks for spending the day outside with me sweet girl!

Love you as many as the stars in the sky!


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