Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Cards 2011

Lately I have loved checking the mailbox! I love receiving Christmas cards from family and friends and I love to send them too. It's fun to see how each family changes and grows through the years from all the picture cards! One of my other favorite things about receiving Christmas cards is seeing all the creative ways people address them. Ha! I am definitely no grammar queen (although I wish I was), but it always makes me laugh to see our name pluralized in so many unique ways: The Bilberry's, The Bilberrys' and of course my all time favorite...The Bilberries! We only received two of that last one this year!

In keeping with tradition, we snapped our picture for our Christmas cards ourselves with the help of a remote (incredibly noticeable in my right hand) and tripod! The picture on the front of the card was the only one where Madelyn was smiling at the camera. It's definitely not perfect but we had fun trying. I seriously contemplated sending a shot of all of us with grumpy faces and our arms crossed over our chests because that's MK's signature pose these days when I ask her to smile for the camera. Sigh.

I had been so busy taking pictures for everyone else though that we hadn't taken one for our family and I had not worked on designing the card. So in true Kathryn fashion, we did it last minute in our backyard and I designed and ordered them that evening!

The back was a collage of pictures from throughout the year. Luke's trip to Africa in January, mine in October, Madelyn's birthday in September, a family shot from July and Madelyn's first trip to the beach in March.

It was simple and sweet and included some of my favorite moments from this year. I can't wait to see what 2012 will hold for our family!

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