Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fun at Gigi and Papa's House

MK has had so much fun at Gigi and Papa's house! Today she had fun playing in the back yard, walking around in Gigi's shoes and playing in her Rapunzel dress she got on Christmas Eve.

It was pretty sweet to watch her play with some of her Great Great Grandmother's things.
She was pretending to cook and bake for everyone. I love her little imagination at this age! She is so creative and loves to pretend.

My father-in-law had one of the rooms in his shop (work shops are HUGE is West Texas and apparently everyone has one!) set up like a photo studio for me for Christmas! It was awesome! I got to play around with my new 50mm lens from my parents and take some pics of the hubby and his guitar while I figured out the lights.

It was such a fun day in Lubbock! Hope yours was too!

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