Tuesday, December 6, 2011

your terms

Dear Madelyn,
Taking pictures of you these days is interesting. They have to be on your terms (strong willed much?).

You smile when you feel like it.

You stand where you want to stand.

You decide if it's picture taking time or not.

For this momma who loves to take pictures, that's tough. The other night I just wanted to take one picture of you standing sweetly in front of the Christmas tree.


You were not having it.
In fact, after a few shots of you fake crying and covering your face you let me have it
Enter Daddy.

He sang and danced behind me and suddenly that fake scowl turned in to the sweetest smile. He made you forget that you didn't want to take pictures in about two seconds flat.

We tricked ya! So glad Daddy was there to save the photo op moment!

Love you sweet girl (even when you won't let me take pictures of you!),

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