Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Day with the K-crew!

MK and I had a spur of the moment fun day with the K-crew today! Kaden, Karter and Kolson came to play while my sweet friend Jenna and her hubby were busy playing Santa. We had so much fun together and Madelyn loved having a full house (well...most of the time).

Kolson puts on the Elmo costume every time he comes over and Karter dons Superman.

After lunch and a little play time in the play room, we made and decorated cookies.

Madelyn and Kolson get the award for most sprinkles used! I was laughing so hard it hurt when I turned around and the whole container was on one cookie! We evened them our and then the kids asked if they could eat the extra sprinkles.

What's cookie decorating with out a little quality control?
My attempt at a group shop was a big fat fail. Oh well, you get the picture!

Next up, we played outside for two hours. I tried to get a group shot of the boys (with the help of a little bribe of one of the cookies, but sitting still when there are footballs and an open yard was a little rough).
Cookies as bribed promised.

Madelyn was having the best day. She and Kolson were so cute laying in the grass together. They kept whispering in each other's ears and giggling. It was so precious.

Then we finished the day with a little coloring. 
It was such a good day. Madelyn had a blast! I'm hoping some day that our house is full with little ones!

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