Monday, December 19, 2011

Ho Ho Ho

Dear Santa,
I came to visit you today spontaneously (big word for such a small girl? I take after Daddy) at the mall. I didn't really know who you were until three days ago and although I still don't really understand much about you, I was excited to see you! Mommy coached me to tell you that I want a doll house. I guess that means that mommy and daddy you are planning to bring me one. 
It was fun, but I have to tell you something...

Your mall elves were grouchy. Really grouchy. They need a little holiday cheer. Aside from arguing with each other and inappropriately asking Mommy for tips, they told me that you are a grouchy old man.
Next year when I am a little older and a little more aware could you please make sure your elves have a little more holiday cheer? Or even just a little tact? If they need some inspiration, let them watch the movie Elf. I keep hearing Mommy and Daddy say silly things that they heard on there. No matter how silly, I am sure they are better than the things we heard your elves say today!

Thanks in advance Santa! See you soon!

Ho Ho Ho,
Madelyn Kate

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