Friday, December 30, 2011

a trip to Waters

Dear Madelyn Kate,
Today we took a stroll around the elementary school Daddy went to in Lubbock. I was excited to walk around the campus with you two! I love visiting places that hold good memories.

When we pulled up to Waters there were hundreds of Canadian geese in clusters in the grass. You were beyond excited to see them and started screaming for the "ducks" before we even made it out of the car. Once you were unstrapped, you took off running. It was hilarious to see the geese start moving away from us in a line.
You kept yelling, "Come back ducks!!!!".
I guess they aren't fond of toddlers because all at once they began to fly off. Daddy and I got a good laugh out of that. You, on the other hand, were so upset.

I know I am a little sentimental (ok...a lot) but I loved seeing your daddy by the Waters sign. I just imagine Gigi and Papa walking him past that very sign on his way to his first day of kindergarten!

You enjoyed hopping around on the sidewalks and trying to find more geese to chase!

Today we took a sweet little trip to Waters elementary and a walk down memory lane. I can't believe that we will be walking you in to kindergarten in just a few years!

Love you sweet girl and I love our time together as a family of three!


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