Friday, December 9, 2011

Insta Friday

It took nearly an hour to load the gazillion (technical term right there) insta-gram pictures from my phone! Looking back at all these pictures made me thankful for all the little things. The special little moments that make up each day!
  • I've done dozens of fall family photo shoots lately and I have loved finding new places to take pictures! There's so much beautiful scenery in East Texas.
  •  MK was sad to see the pumpkins go, but on the last day of November we said goodbye to them!
  •  Madelyn and I handed over the keys to the house on Fonda for the last time! Her smiling little face and silly songs while we waited kept me a little distracted! The realtor walked up to us singing "The Wheels on the Bus" as loud as we possibly could. Haha!

  •  My hair was in desperate need of a good cut. So...I said goodbye to six inches and it feels so good!
  •  Despite the bumpy road around the neighborhood, we love bundling up for walks! Madelyn loves pointing out all of the animals.

  • It was bittersweet seeing Pastor Emmy and Super Mom off! They are such beautiful people and it was a blessing to have them in America for November! I have learned and know I will continue to learn from them.

  •  MK loves Grandma and Grandpa's house!

  •  We had a relaxing, low key Thanksgiving at my parent's house. My mom made the best meal and we enjoyed each other's company!

  • I am so thankful for these two!
  •  My mom, sister and I decided to be crazy and follow our tradition of going shopping the day after Thanksgiving. It's usually a laugh fest! This year all the store opened Thanksgiving Day (not near as fun), so we went to Wal-mart at 10. Tupperware anyone?

  •  She's precious. Always.

  •  Check out that pouty lip!
  •  Date night photo op failure!

  •  Baby had a blowout!
  •  When getting out the Christmas decorations, I showed Madelyn a snowman that my mom brought home from my Grandma's house after she passed away. She told me that I could use it at my house since Madelyn has loved snowmen this year. I told Madelyn that it was MeeMaw Fee's snowman so it is very special! Immediately she began calling it Snowman Fee. It melted my heart. I know that Madelyn's memories of my Grandmother will be what she reads about her and the stories that we tell her because she was so young when she passed, but I am so thankful that now, in these moments, those memories are fresh on her mind. My Grandma is very real to her. She talks about her constantly and loves her. She will never know what a blessing that is to me. I miss her everyday. Yet so far this Christmas season I have heard and seen Madelyn play with Snowman Fee everyday.
  •  They're best buds. Which also means Snowman Fee gets a talking to when things don't go just the way Madelyn wants!
  •  I couldn't find Madelyn one day. I called for her throughout the house and found her just like this praying on our guest bed! Pure sweetness!

  •  Family date night!

  •  Madelyn is obsessed with flashlights!!! I'm thinking this massive one would make her day on Christmas!
  •  Despite my fairytale dreams of our family driving to the Christmas tree farm, taking family pictures for our Christmas card and chopping down a tree together, we ended up at Home Depot. It was perfect and we still had so much fun!
  •  Instead of the hot chocolate I had envisioned for afterwards, we went for frozen yogurt!
  •  By the time we got home and my amazing hubby put up the gigantic tree and got it straight, it was way past Madelyn's bed time. We started some of the decorating after we got her tucked in to bed and then finished putting the ornaments one when she woke up the next morning!
  •  Then we put up a fake tree in the play room.

  •  One of our "must do it everyday" activities is coloring! Always. Everyday. Without fail. She loves it, therefore so do I! One thing she does not love is mismatching socks. At all!
  •  Jumping Jacks
  •  We played memory for the first time and I could not believe how awesome she was at it! We played with 10 sets of cards so it wouldn't be overwhelming and she did so well...even with taking turns!
  •  Ping pong balls are a favorite around here!

  •  This makes me happy!
  •  We made a little stop by Martin's Mill to say hi to some dear friends on our way to Canton Trade Days. Always feels like home there.
  •  Canton. Worst sign ever:

  •  MK and Luke had a father/daughter breakfast date to IHOP that I crashed one Saturday morning between photo shoots.
  •  We went to see the luminaries and listen to carols at Blue Moon Gardens in Edom. It was such a sweet time with my two favorite people!
  •  Yep, that's my husband.

  •  Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb of God CD. Do yourself a favor and go download it. It was amazing to hear it live and see so many great musicians live. I am thankful for a husband who introduces me to good music that spurs me on in my walk with Christ.
  •  Could he possibly be a better dad? I think not.
I am so thankful for iPhones. Not sure I would have captured these sweet moments without it!

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