Sunday, January 30, 2011

big fork. big girl.

 Hi! My name is Madelyn Kate, aka "I.only.use.real.forks Bilberry".
Sometimes mom and dad try to give my one of those cutesy forks that they have bought (a ton of) for me. I don't like them though (this month at least). I like real forks and I want to set the record straight. I'm a big girl now and I like big forks.
Have you tried eating lasagna with something that bends? I didn't think so. And just in case you were wondering, your eyes aren't playing tricks on mom gave me my vegetable lasagna in a hot dog tray because she's cool like that.
So in case you are preparing my next meal, make sure you give me a big fork. I'd really appreciate it.
Glad we settled that.

Peace, love and big forks, MK


  1. Is this because Luke uses the Zoo Pals forks, and there are none left for MK? :)

  2. Kristina, I cannot confirm or deny the allegations of the use of zoo pals forks...


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