Sunday, January 16, 2011

daddy/daughter date

Maddie Kate,
From the day that we found out we were having a baby, Daddy has talked about Saturday morning pancake dates. He has looked forward with much anticipation to time spent just the two of you! Saturday morning after you woke up (at 10am!!) he bathed and dressed you and you two were out the door! He simply could not wait to share pancakes and one on one time with you.You two went to The Diner, a local restaurant, and shared a yummy breakfast. They made you some "baby cakes" that look just as big as regular pancakes! Daddy said you dipped them in the syrup like a pro.
I know you two had so much fun and Daddy is looking forward to many more Saturday morning dates with his sweet girl.
I love you and love that you have such an amazing Daddy! You can thank me later for picking out such a good one :)

Love you,

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  1. My dad took me out for Saturday errands and I had a great time doing things with him. I remember your dad taking Kenda for the large pancakes at the restaurant in Troup on Saturdays. Way to keep up the father daughter tradition. You are such a good dad! Love ya - Mom


Thank you for the comment love! :)

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