Saturday, January 15, 2011

hangin' on the fridge

I took MK to the nursery at MOPS for the very first time two Wednesdays ago. I knew she would have fun, but it was still a big step for me. Not only did they say she played the entire time, SHE MADE HER FIRST ART PROJECT! We do lots of coloring, stamping and stickers around here, but this is the first time that she has made something and brought it home! I was so proud! I took a picture of it immediately and texted it to everyone! My little budding artist :)

Of course this is the first of MANY works of art that will find their home hangin' on the fridge!

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  1. Precious! Benjamin stayed in MOPS meetings with me until he was over a year old too. So hard to let go, isn't it? Now he marches into the Moppets room saying, "Play! Friends!" and I come trailing behind with his diaper bag begging for at least a goodbye kiss.


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