Saturday, January 15, 2011

such a doll

One of Madelyn's favorite Christmas presents that she received was her Little People Doll House. The other day I heard her grunting and making noises that indicated she was straining to get something. I sort of chuckled but went back to reading my book. The next thing I know, MK comes around the corner in to the living room making lots of little dramatic noises with her doll house in tow.
I was pretty impressed she could carry it that far without dropping it. The sweetest part about her carrying it in the living room, is that she wanted us to play with it together. She brought the baby over to me and kept guiding my hand toward the house.
Of course I joined her. Then yesterday morning she was playing with it by herself. She kept placing the dad on the toilet and flushing (it makes sounds). So cute!
I love watching her imagination at work. She is such a doll.

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