Thursday, January 20, 2011

our week in a nut shell

 Sunday night I dressed MK in one of her sweet little winter dresses and we headed to church with Luke (in the SAME car...rare around here since he always needs to be there so early). Madelyn snuggled in the backseat with her baby and took a little nap on the way.
 Luke shared about his trip to Uganda. Every time I hear him speak about it, I learn a little more. Our life that is usually not very fast paced has been rather busy this week but I am hoping he will have the chance to share a little about it some time this weekend.
 He is passionate about Jesus and the things that God is doing in and through Parental Care Ministries and that is very evident when he speaks. Madelyn sat with me partly because the nursery was closed and partly because she was just getting over her little cough and I didn't want her to pass it a long or for it to get worse. She did SO well. She played on the back two pews and only tried to make a break for the front twice. After church we ate dinner with some old friends and again Madelyn was perfect despite the fact that it was way past bed time. She is so good!

Monday morning Madelyn had a play date with some of her sweet friends, Ella and Logan.
Ella has the most adorable little room because her mommy has super cute style. I forgot to put a memory card in my camera (stole these from Lauren) or I would have taken pictures of her house.
We discovered Madelyn's love for the Cozy Coupe. She and Logan were not too sure about giving each other turns in the car.

We had a few errands to run after our play date, but when were headed home I was sure that Madelyn would fall asleep in the car. Her eyes were so heavy but she would not give in. Same thing happened when I tried to put her down for her nap at home. Finally, 2 hours later I decided to put her in her high chair while I worked in the kitchen. Two minutes later she was out.
 She took a two hour nap while I cooked and cleaned and did the dishes.
 Nothing bothered her...she was exhausted.

That night we had a few friends over for dinner. Madelyn is always right in the middle of everything.
 She was so tired, so we were sure she would sleep well that night. She went down easily and slept for about four hours before she decided to have a party in the bed. Madelyn was WIDE awake for nearly SIX hours. She was jumping up and down, singing, doing the motions to the "Itsy Bitsy Spider", clapping and trying to get us to play with her. Thankfully, she never tried to get out of bed and she was happy. Not sure what was up with that, but I was feeling some of the effects on Tuesday.

So...I was going to blog about what's gone on in our little world so far this week but I realize I have too many pictures to do it all in one post. I guess I should have titled this post, "the beginning to our week in a nut shell".

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