Friday, January 21, 2011

Logan came to play...

Wednesday morning, I had MOPS. I was so excited because Jenna joined our group. She's not at my table, but I am just excited that she is in there. After MOPS we went to lunch at Chick-fil-a with Jenna and her crew and another friend. Madelyn had fun babbling back and forth with Kolson. They are so cute together. After lunch we ran a few errands then headed home.

Madelyn played three days in a row with Logan (or Lo Lo as she calls him). They came out to the house that afternoon and had so much fun together. They laughed in the swings, kicked balls around, rode in the trike and stroller up and down the driveway and just enjoyed being outside.

Madelyn also found a partner in crime. Logan is a little taller than Madelyn so he didn't even have to get a chair to reach the water dispenser on the outside of the fridge!

 For the second day in a row, Madelyn cried when her friends left. She kept going to the door and saying Lo Lo over and over again. She did this the day before when Ella left and kept saying her name.

After a few minutes of pouting she was back to her usual tricks...climbing on everything!

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