Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Today was Nathan's 2nd birthday party! I was kind of bummed when we returned home and realized that something happened to my memory card (it said it was corrupted) and only 10 or less of the 87 pictures were able to be saved. Despite the lack of pictures, we had a lot of fun. The birthday boy had a blast!
Nathan was so cute while everyone was singing to him and was ready to blow out the candle before the song ended!
Madelyn loved playing on all of his toys outside.

I am thinking that our next trip to Toys-R-Us might include the purchase of a slide. This little girl LOVED to slide!
Happy Birthday Nathan! Thanks for letting us come celebrate with you!

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  1. That happened to my memory card--with pictures from our honeymoon! Thankfully, we were able to restore almost all of them. The folks at Moto Photo said that a memory card should be reformatted monthly (a setting in the camera set-up). Who knew?! Who still doesn't remember to do it?


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