Sunday, January 16, 2011

time out

Before Christmas we resorted to time out a handful of times until Madelyn got used to not yanking the ornaments off the Christmas tree. I kind of felt bad about it because why wouldn't she want to grab a shiny tree with lots of fun things hanging from it? I got over the feeling bad when my little mischievous one would go over to the tree, flash me a smile, yank an ornament down and then run! Sometimes it was very hard not to laugh, but we wanted to be consistent with her.

The other day she was playing with her baby doll in her room. Apparently the doll made a bad choice because Madelyn marched her in to the dining room, propped her up on the wall where she would sit for time out and began to tell her, "No, no" over and over again.

I couldn't help but chuckle and feel a little guilty that her few trips to time out were so memorable (they had taken place 3-4 weeks before). That is, I felt bad until my mom made a very good point that her little role playing showed me that she really understood that is a place where you sit when you have made a bad choice.

I didn't think much more of it. Well, not until I witnessed this...Bad choice MK.

I had to take a few pictures because Madelyn is just so stinking clever! When there is a problem, she works hard until she solves it. I'm so impressed with the things she comes up with and I am confident some of them will land her little hiney against the wall in the dining room!


  1. Hahaha, that made me smile. Emma does the exact same thing with our ice maker. We have put that child in time out so many times, I couldn't even begin to venture a number. However, I do see it working little by little. When you start counting to "5", and they stop what they are doing, I know it is worth it-no matter how bad I feel!!
    P.S. I am back from Maternity Leave and catching up on your much has happened! Madelyn is beautiful as ever (feel free to stop by and see pictures of my Madelyn on my blog ;))

  2. I was laughing out loud when I saw that picture. Oh dear... she is definitely a clever one. I cannot wait to see her Friday night!

  3. You should be a little more careful. It seems to me that putting your daughter in harms way is funnier to you than it should be. I'm surprised someone who "loves their child sooo much" could act so foolishly.

    As for the timeout....Madelyn is probably a brat due to your lack of discipline. Better get that under control or she won't have any friends!

  4. Kids are so mischievous and want to push the boundaries so much at that age! And they sure are cute! Many times my husband and I have had to hold back the laughter and smiles in very similar instances! Just keep being consistent, she will learn and then one day she'll turn 3 and throw your hold world of discipline upside down! lol! Our 3 year old has thrown us for a loop, it's a daily battle of him pushing and pushing... strong wills are hard!!

    On a side note, the anonymous comment is absolutely appalling! Why would anyone say such a horrible thing? I'm sorry you have to deal with comments such as these Kathryn. {hugs}

  5. Get over yourself Jennifer! She doesn't need (hugs) she needs to put up the camera and take better care of her child. I'm surprised she left my comment up, usually she deletes them. Coward. One day when Madelyn breaks her arm falling off the chair she will know I was right.

  6. Dear anonymous, Who are you? I find it interesting that you do not like what Kathryn does, yet you read her blogs and take time to comment. I am sure Madelyn, like most children, will take some tumbles and maybe even break her arm. But, she will also explore. No matter what Kat does, she will find things to climb on and do. Do you have a blog that we could scrutinize your every move and decision?

  7. Kat, It there a way you can delete this anonymous person? I am so sorry you have to deal with that.. She is only a toddler for crying out loud!! Love to you all

  8. Dear "Anonymous",
    I chuckled when I read your comment about Kathryn being a coward...especially since you repeatedly leave rude comments as "anonymous". Sounds like someone else is the real coward here.


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