Friday, January 21, 2011

cousin date night

 I made the girls breakfast for dinner and set them all up at the bar.
 Everyone was happy and hungry and devoured their meals.

 Madelyn ate toast with jelly (strawberry) for the first time.
 She mainly just licked the jelly off, but she ate a little of the toast too.
Then it was time to play!!

Emily wanted to make a gingerbread house just like Madelyn's. Lucky for her I bought two (they were 60 cents...I had to). She was excited and ready to make her masterpiece. The true sign of concentration for Emily? Tongue out, of course (just like her daddy).

Madelyn and Alli had a blast pulling out every single toy in Madelyn's room.
All three girls skyped with Aunt Rachel and MeeMaw Fee.

Madelyn is blessed to have two fun loving cousins! Emily and Allison are witty and sweet and I love seeing them all play together. Emily reads everything and can decode every word that we spell out in order for the kids not to heart what we are talking about. She loves all things artistic and is a fantastic older cousin! Alli cracks everyone up with each new word or phrase that leaves her mouth. Her joy and bright smile are definitely contagious. Madelyn adores them both and so do we. Cousin date nights might just have to be more of a regular thing around our house.

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