Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tuesday with Friends

 Tuesday morning we met some friends at McDonalds for a little play time fun. I was a little nervous about the germ factor considering this was Madelyn's first time to actually play on an indoor playground (I let her stand in one a few weeks ago, but she didn't actually play on it). She had so much fun though. She pretty much hung out at the top on this slide area the entire time! I guess it was her little perch...

 I love that MOPS has connected us with kiddos that are her age. It's fun to see her playing with friends.

After we ran a few errands, we made our way home. Lauren and Ella came over and the girls had a good time playing while Lauren and I enjoyed adult conversation.

 They were absolutely adorable in the swing together!

I may or may not have taken way too many pictures! Oh well, they are just too cute together.

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