Friday, January 7, 2011


I have started to blog several times. I have uploaded the pictures. Typed out a bunch of words. And that's where it's stopped. I'm not really sure why. I have had the time. Despite the fact that I thought our days would be really really long without Luke (don't get me wrong, I miss him like crazy), Madelyn has been a great girl! She has napped well. Gone to sleep by 7-8 every night without a fight. She's been happy when awake and just her usual little joyful self. So I can't blame it on a lack of time.

I honestly have thought all week, "Maybe I won't blog anymore". I don't really have very many good reasons why to stop blogging. I have started making lots of typos lately and that drives me crazy but that's not exactly a reason to quit it all together. I like to do things all the way or not do them at all, so missing days here and there annoys me. Again, not exactly a reason to quit. I get a few nasty emails from people (that I don't know) every once in a while who don't like how I parent. Definitely not a reason to quit blogging (only reason to block their IP address :) ). Then I walked down stairs to grab something and saw the enormous stack of completed scrapbook layouts that only lack pictures and walked right back up stairs to combine all the halfway done blogs from earlier this week and finish them.

This is MK's only hope at a scrapbook of daily life at the Bilberry house (my amazingly talented sister makes ones for the big events...thanks Rachel). That is reason enough to keep blogging for sure.

So here I am. Pictures (still mostly phone) combined from the blogs that I had started uploaded and ready to go!

Madelyn adores MeeMaw Fee. She tried to climb in to her lap countless times throughout the day. She would constantly take toys and books over to her so that they could play together. It's always precious to watch.
She also adores her Aunt Rachel and screams her name across the room to get her attention. The louder she says it, the more clear it sounds. Naturally, Rachel was eating it up.
Although she took a little break from them, Madelyn's silly faces are back in full force. All the time. Lots of silly. That's my girl (although I think she looks more like Daddy when she is making them).
We were able to see lots of family while we were there. Madelyn was a show off for everyone. She loved Lisa or "Weesa" as she called her. She only said it once or twice, but it was still really cute. We had a lot of fun spending time with her and two of her three boys.
Madelyn also got to see Aunt Sharon, Uncle Mike, Aunt Nancy (who kindly watched her for a couple of hours while Rach and I browsed a fabric store...thanks for babysitting for us!), Matt and Emily.

We took SO many toys with us because I knew she would be in to everything in reach at MeeMaw's house. Of course she was in to everything anyway, but she did slow down a little bit to play with the toys.
Matt and Emily were sweet enough to bring by some delicious cupcakes from a local bakery. They brought a special one for Madelyn so I let her have it while they were there.
I joked about her throwing it. Bad joke. She threw it. BUT not until she had eaten lots of the good stuff.
She definitely knows what a good dessert is when she sees one!
Rachel and I were laughing so hard because every time we turned around Madelyn and my Grandma were sharing food or drinks.
I bought Madelyn a cup just like her MeeMaw's and just knew it would be a huge mess. She actually does really well with it AND the straw doesn't come out! Genius!
Apparently I need a MAJOR haircut considering all you see is a whole lot of hair in this picture. Yikes.Again with the crazy faces from the crazy girl.
Even though I packed up tons of sewing supplies, planned to complete lots of projects, and spent my gift cards on even more sewing supplies...I only managed to make two pairs of pants for MK. Productive? Negative. Oh well, maybe next time. I do however love the fact that Madelyn gets really excited when I make her something. She usually prances around and squeals. How awesome is that? It definitely makes my heart happy. When I put the first pair of pants on her, she went crazy!

I am glad I got the whole "blogging vs. not blogging" thing settled. Not sure what I was thinking? I would miss it :)


  1. Don't worry girlie! We all feel it sometimes. You need to read this blog post.:

    But this one says it best of why you should keep blogging:

    You're the memory keeper!

  2. Keep on blogging - Papa,Great Granny and I love reading what is happening in the lives of the Bilberry family. We also love the pics!

  3. blogging is my way of journaling our family life too and so all of my family and friends who live in states all across the U.S. can keep up with us! I've heard about a website that takes your blog posts and you can make it into a book! One day I'm going to do that so we can have a hard copy for our memories.

    And seriously, people send you nasty emails? That is absolutely crazy!

  4. you know what... who cares what they think? You are not only collecting memories for MK and your family, but you are touching lives. Dont let the enemy lie to you and steal from you and others the opportunity to share Christ's love with others. I and many others LOVE your blog and your family. No one is perfect in what they do and who is to say what is the 'right' way to parent? Keep blogging girl... you have a gift and a way of reaching others hearts, you do mine!

    Love u!

  5. I'm thankful you changed your mind- I love reading your posts. Your family seeks to glorify the Lord and it is a fabulous example for me and so many others! You are an encouragement and I am thankful for you! :)


Thank you for the comment love! :)

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