Monday, January 10, 2011

snow play

There is much to be said about:
  • my night alone in Dallas
  • sharing brunch and the gospel with a new friend
  • seeing my handsome hubby walking out of the airport after arriving home from Uganda
  • our slow but kink free drive home from the airport
  • MK's face when she saw Daddy for the first time
  • and the stories and pictures from Luke's trip

First, a few pictures from our fun day hanging out just the three of us and enjoying the snow.

I am thankful for tripods and camera remotes!

Madelyn loved the snow. We probably let her stay out in it too long. When we finally came in, she was not happy about it. After she woke up from her nap this afternoon she wrestled one shoe on and squealed as if to demand I help her with the other. The next word we are learning in the Bilberry house is, "help". Once both shoes were on she ran to the back door and pointed outside. "Go Mama". The leftovers should be lingering still in the morning so her efforts may end in another trip outside...who could resist such a sweet little voice?

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