Saturday, January 8, 2011

mini mommy vacay

Madelyn had her 15 month check up yesterday. She weighed 22.5 pounds (38%) and was 31 inches long (68%). I was shocked that she was a little above the average for height considering she has almost always been below average. It was pretty cute because she seemed a little shy sitting on the table in just her diaper. She got over that pretty quickly and went straight to the book stash in one of the cabinets.We sang lots of songs while we waited. Her favorite as of recently is a modified version of the hokey pokey. Despite the fact that she looks like she is in pain doing it, she was giggling and having a great time.Her pedi said she looked great and that her language was as good as a 20 month old. I'm sure that he says that to all the parents, but it made me feel good. I had a little proud mommy moment. It's not like it was news to me that she's a chatterbox. The only time she isn't talking is when she is asleep or I am trying to get her to say something for someone else.

She got four shots and her blood drawn to recheck her iron. Since we gave the paci up a few days before I was a little apprehensive as to how it would go. She was a champ. She cried for a total of a minute or less for the shots and the blood being drawn.

They gave her a sucker and I decided she deserved it! She chomped on it and we waited in the parking lot until she finished. I could not believe how quickly she devoured it and once she was done she immediately signed and said enthusiastically, "More"!
We hung out with Madelyn's cousins for a little while last night. They all love each other so much. I love watching Allison talk to Madelyn like she is the adult and Madelyn is so much younger than her. Emily is such a good little reader. I love that she loves books and could listen to her read for hours. They are all such sweet friends.
A few days in to a successful run of ditching the pacifier, I was cleaning up the kitchen when MK ran around the corner with a paci in her mouth. She apparently has a hidden stash because I put that one away and she immediately came back with another one and a devious little grin. I have no idea where she got them because we have only kept two or three at the house ever since she was born. Oh well. At least I know it's doable, right?
It's possible right now that I am living every mommy's dream. Due to a possibility of inclimate weather and no desire to drive on an interstate with a bunch of East Texans who get panicky and aren't used to said inclimate weather, I came to Dallas tonight instead of driving up in the morning to pick up Luke and the rest of the team.

MK is safe and sound at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I drove the (empty) 15 passenger van to the Big D. I'm well aware that's not the every mommy's dream part...I'm getting there. I stopped at Pei Wei and picked up an order of my favorite dish to go. Checked in at a hotel that Luke and I have stayed at several times before and a sweet family was kind enough to book for me. From 7pm tonight to 2:45pm tomorrow I have absolutely nothing to do. I have a room to myself. I ate dinner while it was hot...from start to finish. A king size bed all to myself. Quiet. I've already taken one lengthy uninterrupted shower and plan on taking an even longer one when I wake up. No laundry or dishes are staring me in the face. Just me, myself and I. It's actually kind of nice.

I haven't had a night completely to myself in over two years.
That's strange to say, but so very true. I'm enjoying time in the Word. I've listened to my friend Jenna's CD three times through. I'm tempted to leave it on repeat on number two. The More I Seek You is such an amazing song and her voice...oh my! Simply awesome.

Just a few minutes ago I had a lengthy conversation with a woman in the lobby as I went down to get a toothbrush (I forgot mine and a girl can't have stinky breath...especially when welcoming home the hubs). I noticed her baby was on the same apnea monitor that Madelyn used for so many months. She is in Dallas for a sleep study for her nine month old daughter. It was so good to be able to encourage her after having walked in her shoes. Her sweet Anna's issues seemed so very similar to Madelyn's and she is seeing the very same specialist! I had a few pictures on my phone that I was able to show her from Madelyn's sleep study so that she would be prepared for how sad they look with all the wires attached. The best thing...I was able to pray for her. When I asked her if I could, she asked, "Right here? Right now? In this lobby?". She was a little weirded out, but in tears and thankful as we said our goodbyes. Pray for her today? Her husband is serving in Iraq. She is here alone and scared for her child. I cannot imagine walking through that alone and without a hope in the One who is greater than sickness and has overcome death.

I'm thinking that while this little unexpected night away has turned in to a refreshing time of rest and a mini mommy vacay, I definitely prefer being near my family.

It's almost too quiet without MK's squealing and almost constant chatter. I'm just hoping she's being really good for Grandma so that Luke and I can have a night away together sometime soon! Hint, hint, Grandma :)

I cannot wait to see my handsome hubby tomorrow.
10 days without that sweet, bearded guy and his amazing hugs is a little long for my taste. More than his hugs, I anticipate hearing his stories for many days to come.
I know part of his heart will forever be in Mbarara, Uganda.


  1. Thinking of you and hoping the weather holds out for all the travelers today. Your posts make me teary these days. That's not a bad thing. :)

  2. Sounds like a very relaxing evening! I can't wait to hear a little about Luke's trip!


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