Sunday, July 25, 2010

10 months

Dear Madelyn Kate,
Yesterday you turned 10 months old. At moments I cannot even remember life before you were in our lives. Others, it feels like just yesterday we found out we were expecting you. It has all gone by so quickly. I was telling you a story yesterday morning as we were on our way to your cousins t-ball game and I instantly remembered all the times that I would ride somewhere with my childhood neighbors and their mom would do the same thing to the youngest little boy. It was yet another reminder of how quickly time passes us by.

This month you have matured in so many ways.
Your hair is really coming in now. Your face is thinning out and looking like that of a little girl. Where your legs had so many little rolls that it looked like you had rubber bands around them, they are smoothing out. So many changes have taken place.

You are also maturing in other ways. You are such a smart little cookie. You say "Da-da" and "da-ddy" whenever you see him. It sort of makes me jealous because you usually only say "Ma-ma" when you are hungry or tired or both. You say "uh-oh" when you drop your cup from your high chair and just this morning you said "no" after I said it to you. You are still constantly waving and saying "bye-bye" to everyone you see. Soon we will work on "hi!". You still sleep in our bed, but you have started to nap in your crib. We will work on making the change soon. For now, I love that you love to snuggle close to us when you are sleeping. You always reach your hands out to feel for both of us. Just recently, you have started to give the best kisses. You open your mouth wide and lick and it is simply the best.
These days you are in to everything. I guess you have been to everything for months now, but you seem to be able to reach more and more with each passing day. You have climbed on to the coffee table twice now. You pull everything out of the kitchen cabinets when I am cooking of doing the dishes and you recently discovered how to flush the toilet (oh my!). Every time you accomplish something new, you reward yourself with a few claps! It's absolutely precious (even if the "something you accomplished" is flushing the toilet).
My sweet Maddie Kate, your little smile is by far the sweetest thing that your Daddy and I have ever seen. We love you so much. Every day we dream about the days to come. The other night as we were putting you to bed, Daddy was praying for our family and you reached your hand up to rub my cheek. In that moment I was overcome with a since of pure love. It never ceases to amaze me how fascinating God's creation is. You are His most marvelous creation to me.
You take three bottles every day (6-8 ounces each) with a few snacks in between. You weigh right at 18 pounds and wear 6-9 month clothes. You have a few 12 month summer outfits that have pretty much swallowed you (but I put them on you anyway because they are super cute).
Your Daddy always comments on how loud you can be. You definitely have a set of pipes on you. After a good scream, you look at us as if to say, "boy do I sound good or what?" Even though it's loud and it makes having a conversation next to impossible, we can't help but laugh at you! The best is when you start to "sing" to the music (there is nearly always some form of music playing around here) and dance. We've got a future entertainer in the making for sure.
Madelyn, the one thing that I hope you always no and never doubt is that you are loved.


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