Thursday, July 1, 2010

riding along in my automobile

Tuesday I didn't even stop to take pictures until the little one was in the bath tub and getting ready to wind down for the evening. By then it was raining pretty hard. Once Madelyn had her pj's on her first stop was the back door. She loves to look out the back door...especially when it is raining.I have a joke with Rachel that she always gets Madelyn wound up right before bed. It's only funny because it's the truth. Tuesday was no exception. Madelyn + pj's + sleepy eyes = cue for Aunt Rach to make her giggle like crazy. It's always too cute to get mad, but I usually pretend to be.

Aunt Rach gave Maddie her first ride in her Radio Flyer toy. It converts from a walker to a stroller to a ride ON toy, but Aunt Rach is pretty creative and decided Maddie needed a ride IN it.

She loved it of course (she loves just about everything Aunt Rach does).

It didn't stop her sleepy little self from snoozing either!
In fact, after MeeMaw gave MK her bottle, she was out. She even slept for 13.5 hours!

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