Sunday, July 18, 2010

a goodbye and a good night

Yesterday morning my sister headed to Egypt. This is her fourth (or fifth?) time to make the journey. The first time, she was gone for two weeks. The second time, she originally planned to be there three months. We didn't see her for six. She made a detour to South Africa for three months and then back to Egypt for another month before coming home. She's definitely the world traveler of the family. Within a year she spent time in Guatemala (twice), Belize, Israel, Egypt and South Africa. This time she promises she is coming home in two weeks. I told Madelyn to give her extra hugs just in case! Ha!Truthfully, we just like to joke with her about not coming home and this time she is leading a team of 19 people. I am not sure they would be up for the extended trip!
Madelyn stayed at the house with Luke while I ran some last minute errands with Rachel and Mom.

Once Rachel was well on her way to see old friends, make new ones, and help with a sports ministry in the desert, we decided to have the family over for a swim and some hot dogs. The cousins had matching bathing suits that Emily picked out on one of our Target shopping trips a few months ago, but I forgot to get a picture of them all together.
Madelyn loves the water and the weather was absolutely perfect.
The girls really enjoyed making smores on the Fourth so we did it again. Allison opened up a Hershey's Bar all by herself and started to chow down. We were all cracking up.

Luke took her by the fence and hosed her off! She was a mess.
Grandpa (probably talking like Donald Duck or telling the girls not to call him a person) and his girls.
It was a nice, low key evening hanging out with family. I love summer nights. Madelyn was up way past her bedtime, but was enjoying every minute of sitting in her toy basket!
If you think about over the next two weeks, say a prayer for my sister! I know they are having a great time ministering to thousands of teenagers. Madelyn misses you already, Aunt Rach.

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