Wednesday, July 28, 2010

baby jackpot

Not only has she discovered that she can use her toy basket to climb on to the coffee table, she has moved on to bigger and better things.She turned around and proceeded to conquer the couch.
So what's a mommy of a 10 month old climber to do?
Before anyone starts feeling sorry for the munchkin being trapped in her crib, check out the smiles and fun that was had.
As much as I probably shouldn't put this down in the record books, I really enjoyed laying on the floor in Madelyn's room for 15 minutes. I wasn't really feeling well today so it was nice to lay back while she played and made silly faces at me from her crib.
I am so blessed to have a baby girl that plays so well by herself. I turned on her crib piano and she sang along and danced around her crib.
I think the only thing better than her ability to play so well by herself is that she is full of the most amazing little personality that becomes more fun by the day.

I told her that I was going to leave her in her crib and waved "bye-bye" and this is the face that I got in return.
It was hysterical.
I love this girl. Her playful nature. Her cute personality. Her unlimited expressions. We pretty much won the baby jackpot.

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  1. She always looks like the happiest baby on the face of this planet. You are certainly doing something right:)


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