Monday, July 19, 2010


Besides nap time and bed time, Madelyn doesn't really use her pacifier much. Well, she didn't use her pacifier much. Now, she prefers to have it with her most of the time.She is officially attached.
And it makes me nervous.
I was the impossible kid that did not want to give up my paci.
I remember hiding them by my bed. The fact that I remember, tells you that I was way too old to have one and that I definitely put my mom through a lot.
I was hoping Madelyn wouldn't really care about hers but apparently she has grown fond of Mr. Nuk. Sigh. I'm still going to put it out of sight when she wakes up and hope for the best. The moment she lays eyes on that little guy, she screams loud enough and long enough that I usually give it to her just to make her stop :) I know, my mad parenting skills are making you feel guilty. Ha!
Hopefully her attachment won't be as over the top as mine. Especially because I couldn't stand for this cut little face to be covered all the time.

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