Friday, July 16, 2010

at our house

The past three days at our house have looked like this...

Crawling ALL over the place.Pointing at everything!
Swinging out back.
Whipping up a few more jars of pickled okra.
Having a pool party at the house for the student ministry.

Madelyn getting her first taste of graham crackers (and they were a hit).

Climbing on coffee tables. (Grandma & Gigi, I was right there when she figured out how to do this.)

Being brave stupid and cooking three batches of blueberry preserves at once.
Looking super cute in her strawberry bikini before taking an afternoon swim.
Thankfully Madelyn is all better and has been for a few days! All of her spots are gone and so is her fever. Viruses stink. I was beginning to wonder if she would always have those spots. And the waking up at four am that accompanied them. She hasn't left the house in nearly two weeks except a quick trip to Lifeway yesterday. She wasn't too fond of her car seat. I am hoping that she remembers quickly how much she used to enjoy her car seat and how good of a car rider she was.

Tomorrow morning my sister leaves for Egypt for two weeks. I'm jealous. She has been a few times. Once for several months. Maybe someday I will get to join her. I am looking forward to tracking her flight in real time via the world wide web as it makes it's way over the Atlantic ocean. Madelyn will miss her. I guess I might too. I can't wait to wear all her cute shoes while she is gone.

It just hit me.
It's time.for.bed.

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  1. Love the pics. Maddie, be careful as you are climbing all over things! The wonderful journey of life that you are on is just opening up more and more each day for you. Love you bunches. Gigi


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