Tuesday, July 6, 2010

family fun*

Saturday morning was pretty low key. We spent most of the morning enjoying family and watching the baby girl. I made pancakes for breakfast (which was closer to brunch than breakfast time) and then we just took it easy for a little while.

Madelyn got in to Gigi's Coke Zero. It was pretty comical. I think Madelyn is going to think that "no" means, "wait a minute while Mommy gets her camera and takes a picture". I couldn't help myself though. She pulled one out and put it straight to her mouth. She's a genius. Ha!
Gigi and Papa mailed Madelyn a swing after seeing how much she loved the ones at the park and Papa and Luke hung it on the downstairs porch. I know that we will be spending many of our mornings out there from now on.
Papa, Gigi and Aunt Kenda watched her swing in it for the first time.
She really enjoys swinging. It will be so nice to have one at the house now!
Thank you Gigi and Papa!
I am pretty sure that Madelyn is going to be Papa's little buddy. She cracks up at all his silly noises that he makes and loves to play with him.

That afternoon was round 2 of canning (more correctly "jarring" in our case). This time Kenda and Glenna took a shot at it with me. We made strawberry jam, more blackberry jam and more pickled okra.
I have really enjoyed the process and it has been surprisingly easy...especially the pickled okra.

Check out all the goods! That's only about half of the finished product from two days of work!
I am starting to think this won't be much of a "blog blitz" after all. It's nearly 2am (yawn) and I have only narrowed it down to 53 pictures from all of the Fourth of July festivities that took place yesterday. I am not good at narrowing anything down. I am sure there are 18 typos considering I keep nodding off between sentences. To bed I go. Blog blitz...holiday weekend edition...to be continued!


  1. Missing you! Nathan will be out of town next week so I am sure I will need some company!:) Love the pictures of your little firecracker!

  2. Ok, do tell. How do you make the pickled okra? I love the stuff & would love to learn how to make it!!


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