Saturday, July 24, 2010

DJ Lukey Luke

I am still laughing. I am not sure why it is so stinkin' funny to me. I am thinking because it is just SO different from anything that he has ever done before. Or maybe it's that it was so last minute. Whatever the reason, I'm still chuckling that my hubby was the DJ for a friend's little sister's wedding last night.

No surprise...he was great at it.

We didn't make it to the ceremony because we wanted to make sure that Luke was ready to go and arrived before the guests did. We had a little time to kill while we waited. Madelyn was pretty much a hoot. Lately she has been giving the best kisses. Last night she gave me a big kiss (or lick if you want to get technical).
Then she got really excited! She looked at Luke. Then looked at me.
And gave me another big lick. She tasted my lip gloss and came back for more! Ha!
It was so cute.
Madelyn with the DJ.

She sure loves her daddy. We sat at a table not too far from the sound table and constantly throughout the night she would try her hardest and lean to see her daddy. She would wave at him, flash her sweet little smile and sometimes squeal to try to get his attention. She was also his biggest fan...she clapped every time she heard his voice.
I didn't get any pictures once everyone arrived, but it looked gorgeous. The reception was at the same venue where Luke and I had our reception. It was so fun to be back in a place that held so many special memories for the two of us!
Luke did such a great job.
His fortune cookie at dinner the night before read, "You will do something unusual tomorrow". That he did and he was wonderful! I must say, I have one talented hubby. He can officiate the ceremony and DJ the reception. I'm thinking that sounds like a packaged deal? If you're lucky, we may even through in a cute little complimentary flower girl.


  1. Oh my word, if I had to be a DJ, I'd probably just sit and cry. Isn't it interesting how the Lord gifts each of us so uniquely? What a neat gift!

  2. Um, this is reason #224 that Luke and Chris are the same person. We kid around that Chris could do an entire wedding - officiate, sing and play guitar during the candle-lighting, be the photographer/videographer AND run sound... hehe :) Seriously, open up your wedding business right now Bitters!


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