Monday, July 26, 2010

random weekend favorites

While Luke was getting dressed, Madelyn sat on the edge of the bed watching him. It was precious and Luke yelled for me to come take a look. Of course I ran back across the house to grab my camera!Madelyn's sweet cousins shared a sweet moment at Emily's last t-ball game of the season on Saturday and I was so glad I had my camera ready.
My little monkey climbed on to the coffee table...again.
Every time I see her sweet name, I am glad that it's the one that we chose. What could be cuter than her name on her hiney?
I think Madelyn's favorite mode of transportation is her daddy's shoulders.
Madelyn and her friend Pierce have fun together in the nursery on Sunday mornings.
He is just as expressive as she is and I loved all of the sweet faces that he was making in these pictures.
Maybe he will teach Madelyn how to keep her cheerios in her bowl??

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