Thursday, July 8, 2010

just call me speckles

Madelyn spiked a really high fever on Tuesday afternoon. I took her to the doctor right at closing time and they squeezed her in. Thankfully her ears looked great, but the doctor said that it was caused by a virus (her first) and that she would more than likely break out and have a rash on the 3rd or 4th day.

He was right.

The rash has come.

I've called her Miss Speckles all day.

The sad part of it all?

She feels terrible and has been fluctuating from a 101 to 105.7 degree temperature since Tuesday.

She perked up for about 3o minutes tonight and I had to get a few pictures of her sweet smile. Daddy checked out her speckles.

Even though I have like 146 pictures I want to post from our amazing weekend and week with family (and about 5 blogs that are halfway finished), tending to my sweet, sickly, speckled baby girl has been the most important thing in my life this week.

Get better soon, baby girl!


  1. Nothing worse than a poor sick baby. But she is the CUTEST little sick baby! Hope she's feeling better soon.

    Love, Nancy

  2. My Anna got the SAME virus 2 months ago. She got a really high fever for a day or so then broke out in a rash that lasted a few days. Weird but the Dr said she was fine!


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