Monday, July 5, 2010

and the blog blitz begins

I haven't really blogged in a few days. I debated just posting a bunch of pictures and skimping on the words. Then I thought I would regret it later. After thinking about all the events of the last five days, I thought maybe I would recount it all in words and skimp on the pictures. Then I knew I would regret that later. So instead of skimping on or the other, I'm up late and in it for the long haul. More than likely I will spend a couple of hours choosing what 15-25 pictures out of a few hundred from the weekend to upload along with which stories to share over the course of probably three or four blogs!

So the blog blitz begins now! Go team, go! (Excuse my moment of extreme cheesiness...sometimes it just comes so naturally.)

Friday night Madelyn spent the evening with Luke at the house while I went to Girl's Night Out at my sister's church.
She works for the Women's Ministry there and did such an awesome job with the event. It was part of a HUGE celebration that they did for the Fourth of July. She has been talking about it since before she left for Egypt over a year ago!

These little drink pouches, all 1,400, that she and some volunteers made looked so cute on all the tables!
Rach and Grandma before everything got started.
I think I heard Chonda Pierce at a Women of Faith Conference, but I could be wrong. If so, it was not as memorable as Friday night. She had me laughing so hard that my side hurt about half way through. If you ever have a chance to hear her speak...go.
Some of the girls from the youth group, Megan and Samantha, and their mom came too and sat with us.
Mom, Rhonda (Marlo's Mom), me, Marlo and Grandma (wrapped in a blanket because it was 38 degrees in the conference center) stopped for a picture.
Good job on the event Rachel! It was a perfect girl's night out.

Blog blitz round two up next :)

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