Thursday, July 1, 2010


Wednesday was pretty quiet around here. Minus the crazy nine month old baby girl that likes to use her lungs. Other than that, it was quiet. We spent the morning at home and then the afternoon with Grandma at my parent's house.We spent the majority of the day keeping an eye on Hurricane Alex since it appeared to be headed straight for Luke's parents. (Thankfully it was not as terrible as it could have been and they are doing great!)
Madelyn adores MeeMaw Fee. They have played together non stop. My Grandma will say, "Come here Madelyn. Come to MeeMaw." and she crawls right on over.
Right as I was taking this picture she told Madelyn to, "wave to Mommy" and she did!!
I was so thankful that my mom and Grandma watched Madelyn for me so that I could go to Wednesday night church and not worry about her being cranky on the 30 minute drive home.

She had so much fun with them.
Not sure what is going on here, but it made me laugh.

She is always at MeeMaw's feet.
Aunt Rach stopped by and thought it would be fun to put MK in her old doll carriage.
Apparently she enjoyed it.

Lately Madelyn has been wrestling all of her stuffed animals and dolls about like this...
We are going to have to work on being gentle and loving the animals or I'm afraid she will end up being the play date bully when she gets older.
Poor Curious George took a good beating.

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  1. What adorble pictures...
    Hope you will stop by. "I have a giveaway on mine" at A Baby Changes Everything and by the end of the day will have one on my main blog.

    Have a safe and happy Fourth. Celebrate America


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