Friday, July 23, 2010

a couple of things

  • I started going to a sewing class six weeks ago. So far I have made two out of six classes and I won't have a baby sitter for next week either. At least I am consistent in my poor attendance.

  • Luke and I canceled our cable (we only got ABC, NBC, CBS & TBS to begin with) and signed up for Netflix. My husband tried to convince me that it was a good idea two years ago. I didn't listen then but I wised up. Now we have instant streaming on tons of movies through our wii (my favorite part) and get one in the mail too. Because of this, Luke got to witness the goodness of The Pistol for the first time, we have watched some of my old favorites and we are saving $30 a month. You were right honey.

  • My sister is in Egypt and for four nights straight I have dreamed about her calling home to tell us she is moving there. Don't get any ideas Rachel.
  • Madelyn and I walk at the mall with a friend of mine and her little boy. On Wednesday I saw a cute hat for Madelyn while we were in Old Navy. Half an our later when we were in another store I went to reach for something in my bag and realized that I STILL HAD THE HAT IN MY HANDS. I was mortified. We went straight back to Old Navy to pay for it and explain to the manager (who didn't care). I was having flash backs to a similar moment that I had this time last year.
  • Madelyn is such a busy body and has realized that she can protest being held in order to have more freedom on the floor. Lately her knees have been a tad bit on the dirty side. It grosses me out, but she loves to crawl.
  • Wednesday night at church I witnessed the funniest series of events when I was dropping Madelyn off in the nursery.
The first toy that Madelyn pulled out of the toy box was a syringe.
The second toy that she pulled out of the toy box was a baby doll.
I could not believe what happened next.
She pulled back the syringe.
Then put it up to the baby's face and pushed .
I was laughing hysterically and in total disbelief that my child knows what to do with the syringe! I don't know why I am so shocked considering she has gotten medicine via a syringe three times a day since she was two weeks old.

Then she gave herself some pretend meds.
I am at what I witnessed.

  • When we were driving home from church Wednesday night at nearly nine pm I was on the phone with my mom and she kept telling me how hard it was raining at their house. When I looked in the direction towards their house, this is what I saw...
Do you see the two bands of rain? Can you believe it was that bright outside that late in the evening? I love summer (minus the 107 degree heat indexes).

  • Yesterday I changed the stinkiest diaper I have ever changed. We called Luke and asked him to come home to change it, but he was busy at work. We called Grandma and asked her to come to the house and change it, but she was at work. Finally I decided I wasn't getting out of this one. Considering I was gagging long before I began changing her, I took some precautions. That was terrible and went straight to the trash cans outside.
  • I am the worst at returning Facebook messages. This has been pointed out to me lately. I am going to make an honest effort to be better about it. "E" for effort, right?

  • I guess that's more than a couple of things, but I feel better now that I wrote it all down. Or typed it all out if you want to get technical. Speaking of typing, typos are a pet peeve of mine. Lately I have been getting on my own nerves with all of my own typos. Hopefully Madelyn won't think I was illiterate when she reads this some day down the line. And hopefully I won't type 'dessert' when I intend to type 'desert' leaving those who read (faithful grandparents!) wondering if I even know the difference.

  • Luke's fortune cookie last night read, "You will do something unusual tomorrow". That could not have been more timely. More on that tonight after the "something unusual" is done.

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  1. I think the syringe episode confirms that Maddie is brilliant! I can't wait til she finds a toy camera :)

    Cute, cute pics.



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