Wednesday, June 30, 2010

little firecracker

Monday morning after I put Madelyn down for her nap, I couldn't help but notice how it appeared as though I had a house full of munchkins. Every toy in our house was either covering the living room or kitchen floors. It was comical and most days it's the norm. I probably clean it up 10 times a day and Madelyn drags it all out again. I love it though. One of her favorite things to do is drag everything out. And I actually really enjoy watching her do it!

Madelyn looked like our own personal firecracker when I put the tutu I made her on.

She looked so festive and precious all at the same time.

While Luke was playing rec softball Monday night, Madelyn and I joined everyone over at my mom and dad's. The cousins had so much fun playing together. Emily was the short order cook of the evening (with a little of Grandma's help).
Alli and Maddie enjoyed pulling all the toys out and scattering them around the house (at least she's consistent and does it everywhere she goes).

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