Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the last few days

The last few days have been so laid back and fun. Sunday Madelyn fell asleep in her high chair for the first time while eating. It was so precious. I think she was still worn out from our trip because she kept falling asleep everywhere I took her. Madelyn and I have spent the better part of each day this week with my Grandma.
She has loved it and so have I.
MeeMaw Fee fed her supper Sunday night at Grandma and Grandpa's house while the cousins watched. Apparently Emily was a big helper (I wasn't there at the time).
Monday morning Madelyn and I went to pick MeeMaw Fee up and bring her to our house for the day.
Before we left, Madelyn had so much fun playing and slapping hands with Grandma. I wish I had a video of the sweet little giggle that followed each time their hands met. It was absolutely priceless.
Once we made it back to the house I got busy making more bows. Lots and lots of bows. My sister and I were going to have a craft fair booth (last minute) this coming weekend in Whitehouse, but backed out (even more last minute). Now I have a dining room table full of bows. Lots and lots of bows.
Madelyn spent most of the afternoon in MeeMaw's lap. They read books, sang songs, and talked back back and forth to each other.

These moments are priceless to me.

This morning we all spent the morning watching the USA soccer game.
Thank goodness they pulled it off. Ever time someone cheered loud, Madelyn screamed. It was kind of sad (kind of funny).

Don't these two look super cute in their red, white and blue??

It's been such an enjoyable week so far and I know it will only get better!

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