Friday, June 11, 2010

welcome home

What's a girl to do when special people are coming to visit??

Freshen up of course. Madelyn loves bath time. Especially when I put bubbles in it. She grabs some with her hand and "pops" them with her other. Then she looks at me as if I should clap or pay her for the show she just put on!

Papa and Aunt Kenda drove in for a weekend visit this morning. Madelyn was not her usual self but she still loved playing with them anyway. She and Papa went back and forth giving each other fake coughs for at least 10 minutes and it had everyone laughing. That's one of her favorite tricks, fake coughing, and it's pretty darn cute.
After Madelyn continued to fuss, I decided to try to get her in to the doctor. I thought that our chances were slim considering it was 3pm on a Friday, but they squeezed her in. I am so glad that I took her because she has a right ear infection. Hopefully the antibiotics will start working soon. I hate seeing my sweet girl so uncomfortable.

Even though she did not feel well, she was still excited when this guy walked through the door.
I was too. Welcome home, Daddy. We missed you.

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  1. Mine has another ear infection too. We have another appt. with the specialist in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, this time they'll approve her for tubes. She's had so many infections I've lost track. There just comes a point when you want to see the suffering stop.


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