Monday, June 14, 2010


Once upon a time, there was an eight month baby girl who her parents affectionately called, "Baby Boo". Baby Boo lived in her castle with her mom and dad. She loved everything about her home, including her mommy and daddy's bed. Luckily for mommy and daddy, she loved to sleep all through the night in their bed.

Then one day (approximately May 26th-ish (not that it's etched in my mind or anything)) something happened and Baby Boo decided that sleeping was overrated. For several nights straight Baby Boo did not sleep. She tossed and turned and cried and fussed. Baby Boo's mommy and daddy were very tired due to the lack of sleep and were positive their baby girl must be sick.

After a few nights of tossing and turning and crying and fussing, Baby Boo's mommy took her to her wonderful pediatrician hoping for an explanation. "She's healthy," he said. "Oh my word," mommy said.

Still mommy and daddy knew that something had to be bothering their Baby Boo.

Then it happened. In the castle where Baby Boo lived with her mommy and daddy, on May 31st, there was a breakthrough. Two in fact.
Baby Boo's teeth decided to make their debut.
Two precious (and sharp) pearly whites.
Since the breakthrough, Baby Boo has been resting easier and so have her mommy and daddy.
Baby Boo's castle is full of the "Two Tooth Wonder" and her happy parents.
And they all lived (and slept through the night) happily ever after (until the rest of those little guys decide it's time to make their debut).


  1. Cutie pie! I'm glad y'all are being allowed to sleep again. :)


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