Sunday, June 20, 2010

sweet summertime

Yesterday morning Madelyn said goodbye to the first hotel room she has ever stayed in. For the record, it was awesome at only $45/night. It had a bedroom, separate bathroom, kitchenette area with a fridge for her meds, and a living room that was perfect to play in. I must say that I love We have used it so many times and if you know the area you are going to stay in pretty well and stick to the 3.5 or 4 star hotels only, it won't let you down!
I wasn't sure how four days/three nights would work out for us in a hotel. To be honest, I prepared myself for her not to sleep that well. She did great though. I did too once I let go of the fact that I could do absolutely nothing about her crawling all over the floors that so many feet have walked on before her.
There was an Apple store in the neighborhood, so we took Luke's phone in that called it quits while he was golfing the other day. They couldn't really do anything for him, but that is kind of what we expected.

I LOVE outdoor shopping areas. You know, where you can park your car and just walk around outside from store to store? That kind of thing is pretty foreign to Tyler, but Southlake has the neatest little shopping area. I could have spent all day there.

Madelyn got a ride on Luke's shoulders as we walked down the street.
I love these two.
We didn't stay all day, but I did have to go in one of my favorite stores...
I don't think I have been in a Crate & Barrel since right before Luke and I got married! But, I always check out their new stuff online. Mainly look, rarely (practically never) buy...but it's all so affordable!

I always forget to get in any pictures with Madelyn. I remembered yesterday.
When I look at pictures of Madelyn, my heart swells. Sometimes I am overcome with the love I have for her. It's as if my heart is beating outside of my chest. She is definitely such a blessing to Luke and I. We were talking in the car about how many children we would like to have. I loved growing up as one of three. It was always fun...well, minus all the sibling rivalry stuff. Chaos was inevitable. I had instant playmates and it has only gotten better as we have grown older. The big family gatherings. It's just plain awesome. I would love to have 3 or 4. We feel God's plans for us include adoption somewhere down the road. At the same time, my heart would be content if Madelyn was our only. She will forever be my first. The one who gave me the honor of being a mommy. If God's plans for us only included one child, I am so thankful it is her.
After a little spontaneous exploring, we finally made our way home yesterday afternoon. We unpacked our bags and got things somewhat situated. We looked through the sunroom window at the pool and it just seemed to be calling our name.

Madelyn thought the water was great! From the second we stepped in she was kicking her legs and splashing away!
Luke did some rearranging of the umbrellas to make some shade for us and it was very much appreciated.
I knew that she would more than likely enjoy the swimming pool considering bath time has to be one of her favorite things that we do. She is just like her daddy in that fish.

The whole time she was in her float, she kept trying to put her face in the water. She would stick her hands through the ring and watch them under the water...then her head would follow. I am going to have to get a fatter ring so that she can't do that.
I have a feeling this will be something that we do pretty regularly around here for the rest of the summer!
She loved to kick her feet and splash the water on Luke and I.
Sweet summertime, I am glad you are here.

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