Wednesday, June 30, 2010

it fits!

We received so many clothes before MK came along that covered the first six months, and truth be told, I looked forward to seeing her in all of them. My favorite thing to do with my dolls when I was little was to dress them. I always pretended they spit up on themselves or had a bad diaper and needed their clothes changed. I am proud to say that before Madelyn, I was mommy to Betsy Wetsy and about 17 Cabbage Patch kids. I used to "forget" to put Betsy's diaper on just so that she would wet her clothes and I would have a good reason to change her.

Not that I am comparing the excitement I felt thinking ahead to the days of dressing Madelyn up while I was still pregnant to my days with Betsy Wetsy...or maybe I am...but there were a few special outfits that Madelyn had to do a little growing in order to fit in to and I couldn't wait to dress her up in them.

One was this little pink dress that she wore on Sunday to church.Last summer one of my aunts bought a sweet little church dress for Madelyn. It said 6-9 months but this was the first time that it did not swallow her. She looked so cute in it.
Before church, she and MeeMaw got a little reading in. I am not sure what prompted this face? She has been making it a lot lately though.
Thanks, Aunt Nancy!

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  1. Yay!!! It finally fits, and she looks adorable in it!

    Love, Aunt Nancy

    P.S. My friend loves the tutu - I delivered it this morning. You need to go in business -- they are adorable.


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