Monday, June 14, 2010

moving right along

It's after 6pm.

I have accomplished nothing today.

I have snot all over my shirt (not my own), which I may or may not have slept in last night.

I stamped my kids hand with the wrong kind of ink. Now she is sporting a very brown left hand.

I let my baby squeal for nearly 5 minutes because I assumed (you know what that does) she was just making noise to hear herself when in all actuality she was sitting in a pool of the ice cold water I had just put in her sippy cup (and apparently didn't screw the lid on tight enough).

I forgot to pay my water bill.

I put my cell phone on the coffee table thinking it was safe from the munchkin's reach and it has met it's death after being soaked in slobber and banged on the ceramic tile (which I may have witnessed a time or two before I put down the dishes I was washing camera I was playing with before I tried to rescue it).

I whined like a five year old when my cell phone company tried to tell me it would cost me $30 more a month for less services to activate a phone that was exactly like the one mentioned above.

I did manage to cook dinner but not without letting all the juices from it flow over the edge and onto the bottom of the oven (gotta love that yummy burn smell).

It's 6:03pm.

I am starting this day over right.this.moment.

I will file the last 12 hours of my life in the fail category and move on.

Maybe I will start with a shower (don't judge-the hubs left rather early this morning).

Gotta run. Madelyn just ate page 32 from one of Luke's books.


  1. So sorry you had a rough day. But I had to laugh, because I have so been there!

  2. I LOVE YOU! I needed to know that I am not alone.

  3. that sounds all too familiar! i have many many of those days....just wait til you have more kids! ha sorry about your rough day. it WILL get better:)


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