Thursday, June 24, 2010

it's a date

Tuesday night when Luke made it home from work we all decided it was a good evening for a swim. Summer nights (and days) can be so busy for him between hanging out with students, softball, church, mission projects and all the other fun things that summer brings his way, so any time we can declare it a family date night, we do.

It sure would be nice if everyone looked this cute in a bathing suit.Madelyn has too many swimming suits to admit, but I know each one will get lots of wear this summer and none of them cost more than $10.

She loves the water. To kick her feet. Splash with her arms. Dip her face in the water (yes, she does. no, I am not sure how to get her to stop. yes, we are right there with her. no, it does not stop her.).
She also loves to clap. The only thing better than a good clap, is a good clap with wet hands.
She loved the sound and probably clapped for herself for five minutes straight.

The wee one was a bit tired from the fun she had earlier in the day.
After a few yawns we decided it might be time to head in, dry off and get dressed to run a few errands.
First on the agenda, Orange Leaf.
It's a yummy new self serve yogurt bar in town (right next to Newks).
They have lots of yummy flavors and toppings. My fav so far? Peanut Butter with granola on top. YUM.
Luke's fav? Good ol' vanilla topped with sliced kiwi.
I am thinking this will be one of our regular spots this summer.
I think I mourned when TCBY shut down (like 10 years ago) and I have not gotten over it until now.
I love frozen yogurt. Luke loves frozen yogurt. Apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Somehow she convinced Daddy to give her a bite.
Once she had a little taste of the goodness, it was all over.
She loved it and she wanted more. Once Daddy stopped dishing it out, she turned to me.
She kept looking back and forth between me
and my spoon.
I am pretty sure it was her way of saying, "Please Mommy. PLEASE!" I think this is the first time we have witnessed the "googly eyes". You know, the ones that all little girls whip out when they want something. Needless to say, they worked.
And this is the face that she made when it was all gone and time to leave. Can we say fit?? I am not ready for this.

She maybe had 3/4 of a spoonful total when it was all said and done, but I was nervous it was going to hurt her tummy! I was SO thankful that it didn't. Next trip may just have to be a Mommy and Daddy date night because I think this little girl is going to remember the goodness in the orange cup.

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