Saturday, June 26, 2010

in to everything

Dear Madelyn,
These days you are in to everything. I love it. You keep me on my toes. Just this evening as I was putting away clothes in my closet you were crawling all over our room and touching everything you could get your hands on. All the sudden I heard a really muffled cry, peaked around the room and them realized you were under the bed! I think you got scared because the bedskirt came down behind you and it was very dark under there.

I had to laugh and you did too once I rescued you. Like I said, you are in to everything.

The dining room table legs and chairs are your new jungle gym.

At any given point during the day I can look down and this is what I see...
You are always at my feet. If you aren't, that usually means you are in to something that you should not be.

Love you my busy little baby,

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