Saturday, June 19, 2010

the week of the wedding

Wednesday morning Madelyn and I were busy packing everyone up for our four day trip to the Big D for a wedding Luke was in. Two weeks ago when Luke and I went to a wedding in Dallas by ourselves and my mom watched the baby girl for us, he had his backpack and I had a small duffel bag...and that was it. We kept looking in the back seat and noticing how completely empty it was. That definitely was not the case for this week.

Considering were staying in a hotel for so many days, I wanted to be prepared. That's all Madelyn's gear that she is crawling by and inspecting. She had to make sure I thought of, blankets, medicines, apnea monitor, portable high chair, dish soap for the bottles, clorox wipes...ya know, the basics!As much as I did pack just for wasn't near as much as I expected. Now that she has outgrown (or at least doesn't want to be in one place long enough to enjoy them) all the "entertainers" (bouncer, swing, jumperoo, exersaucer) she travels much lighter.

After Luke was done with church on Wednesday night we picked him up and headed towards Dallas. When we made it to the hotel, the little one was wide awake. She kept looking around at everything with a puzzled look on her face! I am not normally a germ freak, but I kept thinking about the hundreds of people that stayed in the room we were in before us and found myself wiping everything down with clorox wipes. Of course you can't wipe down the floors, but I guess when you have a crawler you just can't think about it!
After getting everything situated and wiped down, it was time to get the sweet girl to bed. Luke usually volunteers for anything if it involves sleep :)
Madelyn slept so well and woke up ready to play.
She found her bag of toys right away and got busy dragging them all out. She found a little nook underneath the coffee table and kept stashing her toys there.
While Luke was playing golf with Brandon (the groom) and the rest of the guys Madelyn and I took a little adventure of our own.
Once the little booger was dressed and fed, we headed over to the Grapevine Mills Mall. I left my camera at the hotel so I don't have any pictures of the fun. I have never been there (or not that I can remember) and it was awesome. It's a huge outlet mall that is divided up in to 6 (I think) "neighborhoods". It took us 3 hours just to walk through all the neighborhoods and we only went in to a handful of stores. There was a carousel (which Madelyn LOVES) that the little one and I rode on. She just squealed and screamed and giggled the whole time.
I was so proud of myself, because even though there were TONS of super cute (and super cheap I might add) baby clothes for my sweet girl, I only spent $3.58 on her (and that bought 4 pairs of leggings from the Children's Place for the fall).

We were there quite a bit longer than I anticipated, so once we made it back to the hotel it was time for a nap. Luke made it back shortly after we did, so we all relaxed as a family for an hour or two before it was time to head to the rehearsal dinner.

We fed Madelyn before we left.
She was being such a ham and I have the cutest video of this new weird breathing thing she does that I will have to share once we make it home.
And of course she still enjoys blowing and motor boating with her mouth. This child is always making noise and is always on the move!
I knew this would be the longest post ever if I just kept going from here so I am going to break it up in two!

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