Wednesday, June 30, 2010

t-ball time

I am pretty confident that Em had the most fans at her Upwards t-ball game on Saturday. Nana, Grandma, MeeMaw Fee, Aunt Rachel, Madelyn, myself, her mom, and her dad (who doubled as the coach) all braved the heat (and man was it hot) to cheer her.

She was super cute in her little Giants uniform. My favorite part of being at the game besides seeing Madelyn enjoying the game between her Grandma and MeeMaw Fee...
was watching my brother coach her team.
Not that he would know anything about baseball (that was typed with a hint of sarcasm and a little giggle considering I spent the better part of my life sitting in the bleachers of a baseball stadium cheering him on chewing Big League Chew Bubble Gum-from little league to high school to college and beyond), but he did a pretty good job considering his lack of experience.
It was pretty cute. And it made me proud of him and I definitely took that walk down memory lane in my head. Don't go telling him that though.
Emily is destined to be a star. I am only kidding, but she does have a pretty good swing.
Madelyn may want to get her to sign this picture just in case.
I think MeeMaw Fee was definitely her most excited fan of the day though!
For the record, this is number one in a series of about 10 catch up posts from this week! We've been having too much fun around here to blog (but I was starting to have major withdrawals, so here I am!).

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